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Wireless Network Security: Are You Secure?

Wireless Network Security: Are You Secure?

Have you had a look at what level of wireless network security you currently have on your setup? Home and business wireless networks are less expensive and easier to set up than ever. But sometimes the knowledge needed for building them isn’t accompanied by guidelines on how to secure them.

In some cases, those guidelines are simply ignored. In either case, that’s a data disaster waiting to happen.

Wireless networking which is becoming the more popular option thanks to their flexibility and lowered costs, are particularly prone to security issues. In theory, and often in practice, someone with a wireless-enabled laptop can simply drive by your home and tap into your network. See the dangers.

If all they do is steal a little bit of bandwidth that’s not much of a problem. But if they happen to be clever and malicious, they can now more easily implant a virus into systems on your home network without your knowledge.

To ensure a safe wireless network, you should always use the expertise of a trained company.

For business and network IT security and server support, you should contact Active Communications Company Ltd to discuss your requirements. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, their team are able to offer you bespoke Wi-Fi solution, no matter the size of building or company. For network installation, click here.

Practice Safe Wireless Network Security Protocols

In either type of network, the solution is essentially the same. Practice the same good habits you use for Internet data sharing and amplify them. You can share your mobile data too.

Make sure every computer on the network has a password that is required in order to access the system. Leaving a system unprotected to save a few seconds of inconvenience at home exposes your whole network to unnecessary risk.

Always change the password on your router. The defaults for most popular vendors’ products (often the same from one to another) are known by just about everyone with the skills to do harm. Make it harder for them to do damage by this simple step. Click here.

Ensure you have a hardware firewall installed as an additional level of network security. Read more information on hard and software firewalls.