What’s a mobile application?

What’s a mobile application?

Mobile applications are web pages designed and developed for a smaller screen size, the most popular being the iPhone, Samsung Note, Galaxy Tab and iPad. If you are considering a mobile application, it may be more cost effective depending on your requirements to develop a mobile application using HTML 5. See mobile web design

Web apps

HTML5 is supported by all the major mobile platforms and is increasingly becoming the technology of choice for mobile app development. When used with other solutions, such as PhoneGap, the offering becomes more compelling as a hybrid of native functionality and HTML5 could be used to meet projects requirements.  The limitations of HTML5 solutions on their own however (e.g. discovery of apps) is a major problem, especially for apps for the purpose of generating revenue, due to app stores having achieved a great job of enabling developers to easily monetise them. See mobile web design

Native mobile platforms

iPhone or Android? Symbian, Blackberry or Windows? Or all of them? Deciding which platform is the most appropriate can often be confusing. Here at Creative Beans we develop bespoke mobile apps for smartphones and tablets platforms such as iOS and Android.  Our in-house development team also have expertise with integration to your existing website or back-end system.

Why iPhone?

At the time of writing, Apple has the biggest market share for mobile applications with over 15 billion downloads and 3.6 billion in revenue, it’s arguably the best platform for developing and promoting an app.

Why android?

Android is fast becoming a huge platform, unlike Apple, the Android platform is open source and available on a wide range of low cost devices. One major challenge is extra development time needed due to the inconsistencies between devices and platform versions.