What is inbound marketing?

What is inbound marketing?

Whilst outbound marketing is the traditional method of marketing that we are all familiar with such as sending out emails, cold calling, attending trade shows, and working with purchased email lists etc. Inbound marketing works the other way around. So instead of hammering down the doors trying to get people’s attention (which arguably they may not appreciate), you design and produce content that customers value. This naturally leads them to your door. Create the right content and they will also give you all the details you need to contact them.

Three main advantages:

  • Organic customers
  • Generate targeted leads
  • Cost effective

Get found, convert and analyse

Inbound marketing is a very effective tool to attract potential customers which you can do organically on your own website.  By creating attractive offers and providing information your customers may be looking for, you can funnel these customers down the sales channel into LEADS, nurturing these leads and turning them into SALES!

Email marketing isn’t enough

Looking at this one channel of traditional marketing, most of your potential clients will receive up to 20 emails per day, this makes it very hard to grab their attention (if your email even got through the spam filters). When you want to buy something what’s the first thing you do? You search on Google or another search engine. Establishing your content so it can be found easily and then converting these searches into leads is the key to inbound marketing.

Why you should use inbound marketing?

  • Inbound Leads (cost 60% + less) vs. Outbound Leads
  • The average budget spend on company blogs and social media increased from 9% to over 20% in 2012
  • Over 50% of companies with a blog acquired customers
  • 65% of companies have acquired customers from LinkedIn
  • In 2012, small businesses plan to spend dramatically more of their budgets on social media and blogs

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