How To Write Good Blog Content

How To Write Good Blog Content

Blogging is great in order to promote yourself online, increase your website traffic or simply entertain your users. Successful bloggers have to keep their heads around many different aspects of the medium – but at it’s core is being able to write compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis over time.


How you do this will vary from blogger to blogger to some extent as each blogger has their own style – however there are some basic principles of writing great blog content that might be worth keeping in mind.

In this blog we cover the 6 main areas of content these are:

  • How to Guides
  • News
  • Reviews
  • Interviews & Debates
  • Images
  • Entertainment

How-To Guides

People use the internet to look for answers and to learn. By having videos that display tutorials on pretty much anything you want, can really help people when they’re looking for help! It’s important that every blog has a focus, so write a set of tutorials or divide your tutorial blog into sub-tutorials or sections. Topics can include: how to learn photography, how to learn a language etc. Remember to include all various aspects of the subject to give readers a satisfactory experience, and that can lead to referrals.

Tutorial blogs can get popular quickly, but they can also fade fast. The competition is fierce. If your subject isn’t unique, let your teaching style be fresh—and the more interactive, the better. Ensure your tutorial is interactive and well equipped with examples, images, videos, animations and so on, will definitely attract readers and serve them well.


News blogs are the main ingredient of journalism because people are always needing to know what’s happening all over the world and in every industry in order to keep up to date, socially and professionally.  News breaks every second, so content will be available on a regular basis. Readers want only the freshest news, but it can be difficult to break stories before other blogs do. Sometimes you’ll be able to report news via other news blogs, but it’s best to break stories yourself. If you want to be a real contender on this scene, stay on top of the news and serve it fresh.


Review blogs which serve opinions always get readers. Readers might or might not agree with the opinions but they’ll read anyway. This type of blog usually welcomes large numbers of comments and debate. The advantage of writing an opinion blog is that you are free to speak your mind. There are review blogs about gadgets, products, games, movies, etc. These blogs help readers decide what to use or purchase. Typically, readership increases steadily over time. People usually do research on the Internet before committing to major purchases such as laptops, washing machines, etc.

Interviews & Debates

Readers of interview blogs want to read the views of their idols and icons—politicians, filmmakers, actors, engineers (masters of any field). Maintaining an interview blog is not an easy task and it’s equally as difficult for debate blogs. Sometimes it works well to put up a story about a popular or current event and open it for debate. This encourages reader participation and interaction.


There are also blog posts focused on images rather than text. This kind of blog post usually explores the creative arts painting, photography, crafts, because people are likely to search for images to enable readers to relate to subjects. Plus they’re more attractive than text.


The big challenge for entertainment blogs is to entertain people well enough. They attract readers only if they themselves are entertaining because entertainment is not a necessity for readers; it’s a luxury. Content can include stories, ideas, information, and even celebrity gossip!

We hope this has simplified the task of choosing content for the future. Something to remember – your content needs to be unique enough to strike readers and useful enough to build relationships with them. Strong content that is presented well will help your blog make its mark on the Web.