Getting into Digital?

Getting into Digital?


Half of businesses already attribute 75% or more of their marketing spend on digital. However, the facts alone tell us that digital marketing is in a strong position and is highly sought after in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace. It’s particularly important with small and medium-sized organizations, but, there is a still a big potential for digital marketers in the larger organisations who have been slower in adopting the digital marketing practices.

Are you looking to get a job in the world of digital and don’t know what or how? Don’t panic! We’ve got some great tips if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the job-hunt protocol…

Where to work?

When applying for jobs do some research on the type of agency you’re applying to:

  • Integrated Agencies – Integrated agencies cover both traditional and new media.
  • Digital Marketing Agencies – large With a large agency it is more likely that you will be dealing with bigger brands than would be the case if you were working in a smaller agency.
  • Digital Marketing Agencies – Medium-sized / small. With smaller agencies you may be working with smaller brands but you often get to carry out more job roles than in larger agencies.
  • Niche. Some agencies can be quite niche focusing on, for example, SEO or email marketing, and so on.
  • B2B. Some agencies focus on B2B (Business-to-business as opposed to B2C, Business-to-consumer).


 General Skills

Now let’s look at some key skills to get under your belt to get you better prepared for the industry:

  • Team Player – It cannot be emphasized enough the collaborative nature of digital marketing. Digital marketers will often work with a handful of people over a particular project.
  • Communications skills – Being able to communicate effectively and efficiently is essential – not just with colleagues but with clients as well.
  • Flexible – Work projects can be quite varied in digital marketing, so it’s important to be open-minded and have a flexible approach.
  • Lateral-minded – Clients want people in digital marketing to look beyond the obvious and to offer solutions that are different and stand out.
  • Strategic-minded – Creativity must be set within the framework of a disciplined and strategic-minded approach.
  • Technical skills – Digital marketing is rooted in technology so having a certain amount of technical skills and know-how is important in general.
  • Quick learner – Internet technologies and platforms change rapidly. Reading, researching and keeping up-do-date, in general, is essential.
  • Working under pressure – It’s often a luxury for clients to give agencies the time they would like to get work done. And there’s often not just one job to be done at a certain time, but several.
  • Perseverance – Being able to focus on getting the job done is essential – and being enthusiastic and humorous helps a lot too.

 Where to find job opportunities?

  • Job boards. Newspapers  / trade magazines (although often requires some experience).
  • Recruitment / HR web pages of digital agencies.
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Work experience (leading to possible job opportunity / building up useful contacts).
  • Social media (LinkedIn and Twitter).

Some well-known search engines can help kick-start your hunt:

If you’re new to the industry, our friends at Econsultancy have a great guide which is tailored to graduates and students:

And if you’re still baffled the don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you still might have. Don’t forget to check out our careers board or alternatively, find us on Facebook or follow us for Twitter for all the latest industry developments!