Boost your eCommerce efficiency for B2C and B2B

Boost your eCommerce efficiency for B2C and B2B

Shopping basket abandonment

In the UK alone, shopping basket abandonment cost retailers over £1 billion in sales in 2011 according to a recent report by Experian. There’s a number of key factors why shoppers do this, here’s our top 4:

1. Too many steps to checkout

Keep the steps as short as possible , if your have more than 3 steps from adding a product to the basket to paying then that’s too many. Want to know why? checkout our blog post: Simplify your checkout process or take a look at how one of recent projects works.

2. Forcing customers to register before checkout

This is a huge wall between your customer and them completing the order, instead offer your customers the ability to checkout as a guest which simply asks for delivery address and payment. This is the most common reason for abandonment.

3. High delivery costs

Keep your delivery costs realistic , it’s a well known tactic on Ebay to dilute the product price and then hike up the delivery costs to compensate. If you really want to drive sales your strategy should include free delivery. If this doesn’t work for you think about offering fixed shipping costs instead and make sure your upfront about these costs before they get to the checkout.

4. Keep the checkout design simple

Amazon was a pioneer of this approach, if you checkout on Amazon you will notice the main navigation disappears and more. Removing all unnecessary links keeps your customers on target, that being to checkout as quickly as possible.

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