Apple’s iOS 11 update is finally here! Plus Our Reviews!

Apple’s iOS 11 update is finally here! Plus Our Reviews!

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS11 is finally upon us!  The free OS update is compatible with the latest iPhones include iPhone x, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

If you’re one of the many who don’t yet have the iPhone X and have to download it, it’s easy to update just by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update directly from the device itself (or plugging the device of choice into a PC/Mac). Click here to see a list of iPhone apps.

Once connected you’ll see a ‘Download & Install’ button, provided you have enough space for it, the download process should be fairly easy, despite perhaps slow with all the other Apple fans eager to upgrade. For those of you willing to wait a few days, as tempting as it may be to do it immediately you may find the wait painful and the download process will be quicker in a few days.

Please note that if you have recently bought an older, used device, they will still be compatible with the latest iOS upgrade. This includes the iPhone 6, which normally operates properly on any new iOS update.

To buy refurbished phones that are compatible with the latest iOS updates, visit this website.

There are 200+ new features but here’s a brief breakdown of some of the most prominent new OS key features:

Smarter Web-browsing:

Safari also got a serious upgrade. Users can now saves web pages — not just links — in their Reading List even when they’re offline. Users can also take photos and video without leaving Safari.

DND feature:

Once again this option will give users more control about what calls they want to take and when. Users can set reminders if they don’t want to call back right away. Also “call when you leave” feature that reminds users to call back while they leave a building etc.

Previous iOS Problems:

As with any major software upgrade, iOS 11 has had its fair share of problems (aside from Maps!) Ranging from bugs, to afflicting battery life, or WiFi, there are a host of reasons for consumers to hesitate downloading the new OS. While many, if not all, of these issues will be quashed within the coming weeks and months.

  • Short Battery Life

MacWorld reports that iPhone 5 and iPhone 6S devices upgraded to iOS 11 are occasionally afflicted by a battery depleting glitch. The site’s suggested remedy asks users to “launch he Settings app and navigate to General -> Reset. From here, tap Reset All Settings.” Another fix requires “killing every app listed in the multitasking bar.”