3 Plugins to make your WordPress blog mobile friendly

3 Plugins to make your WordPress blog mobile friendly


Make your blog mobile friendly in less than 30 minutes here’s how:

You’ve probably taken the time to set up your blog and get it looking just right only to notice that when you view it on your ipad,android device or mobile phone it is either broken or has a clunky feel to it.

You could say that designing your theme from the start to encompass mobile would be the best approach however it adds a lot of extra time to development and you will need an array of phone devices and tablet’s to ensure compatibility.

Well there’s a much easier way and I installed 3 plugins that covers the display on Nokia devices , android, iphone and even blackberry devices.

The first plugin is WordPress Mobile Pack this works across all devices allowing you to configure the mobile view in a very detailed way with four colour options , control of sidebar widgets and image shrinking. It delivers a simple theme and you could stop here, but it doesn’t make use of the extra screen space you get on a tablet and it’s appearance isn’t the most appealing.

The second plugin is WPtouch which offers a much more elegant theme with an application feel to it and supports a variety of devices iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile devices, Palm Pre/Pixi and BlackBerry OS6 mobile devices. It’s a well thought out design and comes with some nice touch features and even push notifications.

The last is Onswipe this amazing plugin boasts to make your blog look beautiful on tablet web browsers in under 3 minutes, the display is handled beautifully and there’s a number of layouts to choose from allowing a choice of layout for the home page and article pages

Here’s how our blog looks using it.

All of these plugins work in perfect harmony and ensure that your blog is viewable and mobile friendly on a broad range of mobile phones and tablets.