1 billion social users worldwide!

1 billion social users worldwide!


According to figures from the International Telecommunications Union, Facebook has 901 million monthly users, and is effectively the worlds largest social media network by a long shot!

ITU found that there are just over 1 billion people using social media, which means Facebook holds a 90% share of all social networks. Competing networks include Twitter (200m+ users), and LinkedIn 150+ million users.

Furthermore, 0n the mobile side of the equation, Facebook mobile usage is outpacing usage from fixed connections on Facebook’s network.

With the ever increasing rise of mobile usage to access social networks, it is no surprise that the use of geo-social apps is growing, and according to PEW, almost 1 in 5 people are now using a geosocial app such as Foursquare. Since July, the use of geosocial apps has risen by 50% to 18% of all US smartphone users.


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